What is Hospice?

Centuries ago, hospice meant a place of refuge for the weary traveler to seek rest and care. Over the years, hospice has developed into a concept of providing care for the terminally ill, in the home, hospital, nursing home or assisted living.

Who Needs Hospice?

Patients that have been diagnosed with a terminal illness with a prognosis of six months or less to live if the disease pursues its normal course.

How Do I Obtain Hospice Care?

The patient, patient's family or physician may request services by calling the hospice office at 301-334-5151.

How is Hospice Care Provided?

Most hospice patients prefer to be cared for in their own surroundings and by their loved ones. Hospice of Garrett County provides home health care and emotional support. Nurses and home health aides make visits to the home as ordered by the family physician. Social work, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy are provided. Emphasis is on controlling pain and other distressing symptoms. In-Patient care is provided at Garrett County Memorial Hospital. Respite care ius provided at the two local Nursing Homes. Services are based on the hospice concept and the needs of the patient. Visiting hours are open and visiting by young children is acceptible.

Who are Hospice Volunteers?

Volunteers are specially trained men and women from the community. They provide emotional support, as well as tangible services, such as shopping, helping with patient care, respite care, and much more. Any adult is welcome as a volunteer. Training classes are provided by Hospice. These classes are free. Contact the office for more information.

Hospice of Garrett County
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